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Men of Faith

Welcome to the Men of Faith.  MoF is body, mind, and soul program for men yearning to carry the testimony of Jesus in an honorable way throughout every aspect of their life.  This can be a challenging program and is designed to take you out of your comfort zone at times.  Each participant will have an accountability partner to assist in the program.  Accountability partner is a confidant to share struggles, and successes of the program and life.  Each participant is required to check-in with your accountability partner on a weekly basis to report your completion of the program that week.

This is an 8 week program to keep us all active and engaged in faith and family.  We are planning on continuing this program nearly all the time in between the Fight Club program.  If you have completed FC think of this as FC lite.

Body:  A goal of MoF is to create a habit of consistent exercise regime for a healthy/active lifestyle.  As a minimum each MoF is expected to perform 3 cardiovascular workouts and 2 strength building workouts each week.  Remember this is a minimum and defined by each participant. 

 We recommend that you set a goal of be ready to run/jog/walk a 5k, 10k, or half marathon depending on your current physical ability by the end of the 8 weeks.  Let your accountability partner know your goals, to help you obtain them.  There are many software programs available to help you get started.  Look at Couch to 5k or Couch to 10k as guidelines to create your cardio program.

The strength building program is very user definable.  We are looking for MoF to create a strength building program that fits into 2 or 3 days a week at minimum.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do P90X…..It is up to you to define a program that fits into your life.  Anything and everything acceptable just push yourself, 12oz curls do not count.

Mind:  Each week different challenges will be sent to the group.  Some challenges will focus on helping others, kids, spouses, community, our relationship with Jesus and/or your Church.  In addition to this, we are also opening MoF participants to create your own challenges for the group.  We are excited to see how the group pushes each other to new horizons.  We expect that these challenges will be create in the spirit of the Men of Faith guidelines and program requirements.

Soul:  We will be studying the book of Acts to get us started.  We will study 3 chapters a week and encourage MoF participants to share thoughts and questions concerning the chapters/verses you are studying on your weekly  facebook postings

Program requirements:

Remain porn free.

Carry the testimony of Jesus in an honorable way.

Stay free from a personal crutch.  Define a personal crutch with your accountability partner at the beginning on the program.

Post on FB twice a week.

3 cardio workouts, 2 weight training workouts.

No drinking alcohol for the purpose of abusing it.