Why is the church involved in missions?  Because God mandates it. The scriptures tell us that mission work is the outreach expected from us by a loving, caring God who desires that all people have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10).

Mission work is the activity of the triune of God. By the authority of the God of justice, mercy, and peace, the risen Jesus sends the church into the mission field in partnership with God (Matthew 28:18-20). Through the Holy Spirit the church continues the Revelation of God in Christ across the face of the earth.

Therefore, mission activities are not optional programs of the church but its central and key responsibility. Mission contact is the means by which we spread the gospel---the good news of Jesus Christ, and being mission-committed is the responsibility of every Christian: to love as Jesus loved, to live as Jesus lived, to walk as Jesus walked.

God's light shines in every corner of the earth, and God's mission extends to all creation.  Joining in God's mission is to witness to the presence of God in places where God in Christ is not known, acknowledged, served, or heeded. It is to serve God by serving the world.

The LaGrange First United Methodist Church spreads our Christian message through local, regional, and international missions.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to share the loving word of God with others.

Compassion Pregnancy Centers

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In Psalm 139:13-16 David was inspired to write of God's handiwork.  " I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made...your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"

Every child is a unique creation by God and a masterpiece to behold.

Everyday in America, nearly 1,200 babies are aborted.  As an abortion alternative ministry, CPCNI is an evangelistic arm of the church.  Compassion Pregnancy Centers of Northeastern IN exist to save and change lives.  CPCNI has a vision of dramatically impacting our area with true hope and healing.  Hope for those facing an unplanned pregnancy, and Healing for thos suffering the pain of the aftermath of abortion.

To realize this vision, we need your help.  You are invited to become part of this vital outreach ministry by praying, volunteering and giving.  

Find out more, contact Compassion Pregnancy Centers at 206-463-7377 (LaGrange) 260-668-7773 (Angola) 

Elijah Haven December Mission Spotlight

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Elijah Haven Crises Intervention Center is LaGrange County's center for domestic violence and teen dating violence education, prevention, and services.  We provide comprehensive services to people of all ages affected by domestic violence and teen dating violence.

The mission of Elijah Haven Crises Intervention Center, Inc. is to provide a safe, healing, nurturing environment for all individuals affected by domestic violence and to advocate violence-free living.

If you know someone who is being abused in any relationship, of if you are being abused or you fear you may be abusive, contact Elijah Haven on the Crisis Hotline 1-866-463-3400 or by calling our offices at 1-260-463-8700.

Reason 4 Hope

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Reason 4 Hope is a local not for profit ministry with it's primary focus to reach out to those in need, those that are on the fringes, and bring them HOPE through meeting needs, providing encouragement and love, and sharing God's Word.  We spread hope in 3 ways:  "We speak; we write; and we serve."  We speak by sharing at schools, youth groups, small groups, and retreats/workshops.  We write by posting a weekly blog on our website with the plans of publishing a book and a devotional.  We serve through our 3 outreach programs; the main one being our Hope Cafe.  We believe that because God first loved us, we now are supposed to love others and help others discover the hope they have in Christ.

Awesome experience

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Friends and family

We are still having an awesome experience!!!!!!

Tuesday we spent the day with food distribution, bible school and construction. All of it went very well.  The kids at the bible school were great and the food distribution was very good.  Being in the homes is such an incredible experience.

When we got back in the evening we had a surprise visit from a Mariachi band.  It was Pastor Alex's birthday and the NRN people arranged for them to show up.  There was much laughing and dancing.  And in keeping with a Nicaraguan custom he got and egg cracked on his head!!!

Wednesday we spent with our sponsored children and the people from CT went up to Tipitopa.  Being with the kids is always fun and we went to a really nice new park in downtown Managua for some soccer, playground rides and hanging out.  Lunch was at Tip Top (where else?) and then the kids went back to school and we spent some time at the market.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening we were at the church and did some leadership training.  It was a great  time and the Nicaraguans really got into it.

Today we finished up food distribution and spent a lot of time hanging out with the kids (AFTER they got out of school).  It was very hard to say good by but it was really great knowing that we had been we such wonderful people for our time here.

We ask that you pray for us as we travel home tomorrow and for our brothers and sisters here.

Follow this link for some more pics.

Dios te bendiga

The Nicaragua Mission Team

The Nicaragua Mission Team

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July 13, Thursday
Greetings from wonderful Nueva Vida
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
We had a great day in Nicaragua!  It was pretty much a typical first day.  There was much planning and replanning, head scratching and figuring out.  Once things got going though lots of progress was made and there was lots of time for soccer and games with the kids.  A pretty good deal.
We have two work projects  going on at once.  There are a few working on putting gutters on the feeding center and church and a big group that is working on cementing the driveway area of the church.  This really needs it since it is the place that the kids for the feeding center walk and when it rains it gets very muddy and makes and enormous mess.  The gutters will help control the water and help so that it does not run down on the neighbor’s property.
We started off the day with some great devotions from Laney and some singing lead by Corky.  It really makes a difference when there is a guitar and player in the group.
At lunch Vern led us in some practice singing for our songs tomorrow at church.  It was a great time and the Nicas enjoyed us singing in Spanish.  I know that God has this in His plan for us and I know that it takes me waaaaay out of my comfort zone.
We got back to LaQuinta a tired and happy group.  It is such a privilege to be here and to be doing His work.
This evening after supper we are heading back out to Nueva Vida for youth church.
It our planning for the week we set up a schedule that is hectic, much more and compressed than we usually do and will stretch our limits.  All in all it should be a fantastic time.
Please keep praying for us and for our brothers and sisters here.  We can thank you enough for all of your support, prayers and love.  It is felt each and every day by all of us.  God is very very good.
Dios te bendiga
The Nicaragua Mission Team

Greeting from a hot and sunny Nueva Vida, Nicaragua.
Yesterday was a great day.  We went to Granada and Lake Nicaragua for a boat ride.  It is a nice way to relax and see some sights and get a different perspective on Nicaragua.  In the afternoon we were back out to Nueva Vida and church.
The worship services in our church there are always great.  We are able to connect somewhat just knowing that we are in the presence of the Lord and people that are deep in the faith.  Besides be a very spiritual experience it is very humbling to see people that have so little worship so completely.
Today was a great but exhausting day.  This morning  was continuing with the work projects of preparing and concreting the drive and putting up guttering on the church (where is Bryan Heller when you could really use him???)  While some were doing that others were preparing the food for the food distribution and once it got to the work site the distribution was started.
The food distribution is always an awesome experience and being allowed into the people’s homes and sharing with this and praying with them is an experience like none other.  All of you that contributed money in some way made all of the food distribution possible.  I hope you feel as blessed as we are.
In the afternoon we had Bible school with about 75 5-8 year olds.  A hectic, confusing and chaotic time but a blast.  We had a puppet show about the Good Shepherd, games, crafts, snacks and a piñata.  A wild time to say the least.
Tonight is more preparation for our leadership training tomorrow (REALLY pray for this PLEASE).  We are looking forward to this but it is really taking us out of our comfort zones.  A very good thing for any mission person.  But a scary thing to.  Trusting God is going to be the key.
Tomorrow it is back out for more construction, food distribution and bible school.
Please continue to pray for us here and especially for our brothers and sisters.  They are incredible people that love us and take such good care of us when we are here.
Dios te bendiga
The Nicaragua Mission Team

Pictures from Nicaragua

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

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Friends and family

Greetings from very sunny and warm Managua. As our trip winds down we can only reflect back on what  an awesome experience we have had.

Friday we went to Oscar’s school for the special needs students.  We had a great time and the ceremony was very nice and they had a nice lunch afterward.  We were able to go to Brittney and Adrian’s homes for visits.  Two very special children and are very cute and very smart and do well in school.

In the afternoon we went out to Nueva Vida.  On the way we stopped at Pali and purchased rice to take to our friends.  We spent time meeting with Alfredo and get some groundwork things done so we could spend time on Saturday doing home visits.
Yesterday we spent the whole day in Nueva Vida.  It was fun, emotional, tiring and a truly fantastic experience.    Meeting with people in their homes though is truly what it is all.  We had a great time and the people enjoyed having us there.  It is always nice to renew old friendships and to meet new people.

After taking the food out we had pizza (Pizza Hut but we picked it up and didn’t have it delivered) with the young people that went with us during the day.  Jose Luis, one of the young men of the congregation was the translator for us and this was a real blessing.  He did an outstanding job and enjoyed practicing his English skills.
We finished the day with youth church.  Xochi did a great job singing and leading the service, Reyna did an outstanding job singing and preaching and Pedro R-O-C-K-E-D singing and on the keyboard.

This morning we went back to Nueva Vida for church and had communion.  What a great service.  Reyna sang again and Alfredo brought a great message.  It was a great service and then with very heavy hearts we said adios to our friends there for the last time this trip.

This afternoon we are taking some time to relax and reflect and enjoy being in Nicaragua.
As we travel home tomorrow we ask that you please continue to pray for us and our brothers and sisters here.  We will have many stories to share and many prayer requests with needs here.

Of course we will need to make one last trip to the internet place (OK it is really Pops ice cream store) to send this and post more pictures to the Nicaragua Resource Network page on facebook and look for LaGrange, December 2012.

Dios te bendiga
Jane,  Deb, Dixie, and Ray

Thursday, December 06, 2012

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Friends and family

We hope all of you are doing very well and things are good there.  God is so very very very good here.
We are well, healthy, happy and having a fantastic time.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at graduations at Belcer’s School.  We have been to a number of graduations but I have to say that these were so special and the day was, to say the least, fantastic.

In the morning there was graduation from elementary school.  Deb had a sponsored student, Maura, graduate.  She is an adorable girl and Deb had met her only once before and had never met her family.  So say the least it was emotional and joyous when she got to be with them.  After graduation we all went to Tip Top (Pollo muy bien!!  Muchas gracias Mike U.)  After we got back to the church and were getting ready for the afternoon graduation Maura showed up and invited Deb to come and be with her family at her home.  Deb thought about for about a nano second and said yes.  She and Dixie had quite an experience walking to the house with the translator and spent a wonderful time just being in the home, sharing with the family, eating cake (after all it was a graduation party.  FIESTA!!!) and taking in all that sensory overload that comes with being at a place that is so much different from what we are used to.  Also it is so awesome to be so accepted into the homes and literally the families.

After graduation in the afternoon Jane was able to go out with her girl (and believe me daughter would not be too strong of a word to use here) and be with Heysell, Blanca (her other daughter) and their parents.  A wonderful supper at El Eskimo and a fantastic time spent sharing, laughing, loving, hugging, and being with family was what it was all about.

Ray got to meet the parents and family of his sponsored girl Ninfa and after graduation went with them to a restaurant called Popeye’s (not the chicken place).  It was a very interesting local restaurant and was kind of a combination restaurant and zoo.  It was very interesting to say the least but the time spent sharing  was, again, fantastic.  To be able to sit and share lives and stories with these families is an experience that will live in our hearts forever.  They are so open and sharing and so accepting of us.  We are truly blessed.  Also, it is so interesting to find that their families are not that much different than our’s.
OK it is Thursday now and to get it over with early for Jim Hooley we had STEAK tonight for supper.

We spent the day today in the cities of Granada and Masaya.  While in Granada, the oldest city in Latin America, we took a boat ride out to the islands.  Deb wanted to see a monkey in a tree and she got more than that and actually got one to come up to the boat and feed it!!!  Very cool stuff.
After the boat ride we went for lunch and did some walking around the main square of Grenada.  It is a beautiful place and we had a blast..  After that we stopped at the market in Masaya and did some shopping.

Tomorrow we are off to Oscar’s school for a graduation and then to Nueva Vida to do some more reconnecting.
We are so blessed to be here and are so thankful for all of you that are praying for us and waiting for us back home.  Please keep praying for us and our brothers and sisters here.  This is an incredible experience.

Here is the link for the pictures.  If it doesn’t work go to the Nicaragua Resource Network facebook page and look for LaGrange 2012 December.  

Dios te bendiga
Jane, Deb, Dixie and Ray

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