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The Nicaragua Mission Team

posted Jul 21, 2013, 5:36 AM by HDRacing / Bninthunder
July 13, Thursday
Greetings from wonderful Nueva Vida
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
We had a great day in Nicaragua!  It was pretty much a typical first day.  There was much planning and replanning, head scratching and figuring out.  Once things got going though lots of progress was made and there was lots of time for soccer and games with the kids.  A pretty good deal.
We have two work projects  going on at once.  There are a few working on putting gutters on the feeding center and church and a big group that is working on cementing the driveway area of the church.  This really needs it since it is the place that the kids for the feeding center walk and when it rains it gets very muddy and makes and enormous mess.  The gutters will help control the water and help so that it does not run down on the neighbor’s property.
We started off the day with some great devotions from Laney and some singing lead by Corky.  It really makes a difference when there is a guitar and player in the group.
At lunch Vern led us in some practice singing for our songs tomorrow at church.  It was a great time and the Nicas enjoyed us singing in Spanish.  I know that God has this in His plan for us and I know that it takes me waaaaay out of my comfort zone.
We got back to LaQuinta a tired and happy group.  It is such a privilege to be here and to be doing His work.
This evening after supper we are heading back out to Nueva Vida for youth church.
It our planning for the week we set up a schedule that is hectic, much more and compressed than we usually do and will stretch our limits.  All in all it should be a fantastic time.
Please keep praying for us and for our brothers and sisters here.  We can thank you enough for all of your support, prayers and love.  It is felt each and every day by all of us.  God is very very good.
Dios te bendiga
The Nicaragua Mission Team

Greeting from a hot and sunny Nueva Vida, Nicaragua.
Yesterday was a great day.  We went to Granada and Lake Nicaragua for a boat ride.  It is a nice way to relax and see some sights and get a different perspective on Nicaragua.  In the afternoon we were back out to Nueva Vida and church.
The worship services in our church there are always great.  We are able to connect somewhat just knowing that we are in the presence of the Lord and people that are deep in the faith.  Besides be a very spiritual experience it is very humbling to see people that have so little worship so completely.
Today was a great but exhausting day.  This morning  was continuing with the work projects of preparing and concreting the drive and putting up guttering on the church (where is Bryan Heller when you could really use him???)  While some were doing that others were preparing the food for the food distribution and once it got to the work site the distribution was started.
The food distribution is always an awesome experience and being allowed into the people’s homes and sharing with this and praying with them is an experience like none other.  All of you that contributed money in some way made all of the food distribution possible.  I hope you feel as blessed as we are.
In the afternoon we had Bible school with about 75 5-8 year olds.  A hectic, confusing and chaotic time but a blast.  We had a puppet show about the Good Shepherd, games, crafts, snacks and a piñata.  A wild time to say the least.
Tonight is more preparation for our leadership training tomorrow (REALLY pray for this PLEASE).  We are looking forward to this but it is really taking us out of our comfort zones.  A very good thing for any mission person.  But a scary thing to.  Trusting God is going to be the key.
Tomorrow it is back out for more construction, food distribution and bible school.
Please continue to pray for us here and especially for our brothers and sisters.  They are incredible people that love us and take such good care of us when we are here.
Dios te bendiga
The Nicaragua Mission Team