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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

posted Dec 7, 2012, 6:31 AM by HDRacing / Bninthunder   [ updated Dec 7, 2012, 6:36 AM ]
Friends and family

We have had an incredible day here in beautiful Nicaragua.  I guess that it really all starts yesterday.
After we got to the Managua we got all of our bags off of the carousel and when going through customs we had to take the three duffle bags of flip flops to the visual check area and show them what we had in the bags.  Ray used his vast knowledge of Spanish and pointed to his feet and said flip flops in todos tres (all three!!!!)  that seemed to appease the powers that be and we were let through with no further delay (thank heavens for all of that time hanging out with Mike Unternerher and picking up all on his great Spanish vocab.  Muchas gracias Mike.)  After getting to Quinta at about 12:30 we had a short night and were up and to breakfast by 7 in the morning.

The morning was spent at Hogar De Fe a children’s home.  They were having their last day of school so we were able to be in the classrooms and be with the kids in a very cool setting.  Nothing like kids on a half day of school having parties and no classes for the next two months.  Also there was a program for some of the seniors.
We met Pastor Alfredo at Tip Top (pollo!!!  Ahhhh there is that Unternehrer influence again) and had a great lunch and time to talk.

On the way to Nueva Vida we stopped at a store in the market that the church runs.  They use it to sell the beds that they make.  They bought a permanent stall and made enough that they can give some back to the church while paying the workers.  A great win win for all.

Once we got to Nueva Vida we had an incredible afternoon.  We spent the time hanging out with the people of the church and visiting in them in their homes.  We have been in homes before but this time we really got to be with them and share, laugh and enjoy the time.  We walked over a number of areas of Nueva Vida and just experiencing all of it was really too much for words.  It really was just one of the best days ever in Nicaragua.  Enough said.

We were blessed today in so many ways
We were blessed by the children and the enthusiasm at Hogar de fe.
We were blessed by sharing with Alfredo and his granddaughter Marciel.
We were blessed to have Rommell back from Costa Rica and filling his spot back in the church.
We were blessed by people that so welcomed us into their homes and the awesome sharing that went on.
We were blessed by finding a feather
We were also humbled today
We were humbled by the speakers that spoke to the seniors and the young people that shared their testimony and the passion their shared.
We were humbled by a filthy child playing in the squalor of the local dump .
We were humbled by the people of the church that have worked so hard to have 2/3 of their church beautifully tiled and the hope of finishing the job by January 1.
We were humbled by incredible people that persevere day after day in very difficult conditions.

Please keep praying for our group and the fantastic things that God has planned for us.  Tomorrow we are off to graduation at Belcer’s school and all of the excitement there.  Pray for all of those young people that have worked so hard to realize this dream.

Dios te bendiga
Jane, Deb, Dixie and Ray